Welcome to such a jazzy line.net. My name is Sarah Goldbaum.
I am a graphic and web designer, front-end web developer, writer, and blogger.

Graphic design covers a lot of areas, so let me get specific: I design websites, the odd Facebook page, logos, marketing collateral, stationery, promotional product, and fun, artsy, retail novelty gifts. I appreciate great branding and a well-thought-out identity system. I love WordPress and structured code.

I enjoy style guides, whether they be written for writers, designers, or brand ambassadors. I enjoy writing them. I enjoy referring to them.

I like to get things done. I’m used to managing a wide range of different projects at the same time. Keeps it interesting, you know?

I like working with people and being of assistance whenever and wherever I can. If I run into a problem in a project (and it sometimes happens), my first thought is, “How do we fix this?” and never “Who is to blame for this?” We all make mistakes and we can always learn from them. Sometimes a mistake can lead to an even better solution.

I invite you to learn more about me, browse through my portfolio, and read my blog.